Convotherm 4 – Designed around you

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Convotherm 4 – Designed around you

Listening carefully to you, the customer, we have developed the Convotherm 4 around your needs in the kitchen. The two control-panel designs - easyTouch™ and easyDial™ - give you the degree of control you require: from full automation to maximum customisation. The aim of both is to deliver the functions you need in a user-friendly design.

Redefined: clear design meets functionality

The new Convotherm 4 design is also ideal for “front-ofhouse cooking“. Developed in strict adherence to the principle of “form follows function”, clear aesthetics are combined with a new dimension in intuitive operation and straightforward servicing.

Your cooking results in focus

The legend lives on! The Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+) offers perfection in the 3rd generation. It delivers the ultimate in even cooking and baking, with results always optimised to your requirements.

The new standard in flexible, reliable cleaning

ConvoClean+ and ConvoClean have been developed to deliver maximum flexibility with minimum consumption. Strictly fully automatic, so absolutely no contact with cleaning fluid when starting the cleaning process. With a new range of operating functions and a single dosage option, these cleaning systems can satisfy absolutely every user profile.

Lower operating costs while helping the environment.

Every Watt and litre count. Convotherm 4 represents a new class of energy efficiency and water consumption compared with the previous P3 model. Not only are our units certified with the Energy Star but our environmental and energy management systems comply with ISO standards 14001 and 50001. Because we believe that sustainability starts back at the factory.